#INDIEFILMPHOTO: Photographs from the Set of an Independent Short Film

I have  a passion for on-set film/television production photography, following in the footsteps of one of my photographic heroes, Kim Gottlieb-Walker. My work in this area is inspired by Mary Ellen Mark’s photography on the ...

Odds and Sods

This is a repository of unsorted images that don’t fit into any of my other projects.

Home From Home: Photographs from Humberston Fitties

Humberston Fitties Chalet Park sits close to the coastal town of Cleethorpes, on the Humber Estuary. Once a popular destination for Victorian holidaymakers thanks to the railway line which linked the town with the inland ...

A Matter of Faith

Stations – Bus, Train and Besides

Out of Season: Adventures in Coastal Towns

Haunted Places, Normal Spaces

This is an ongoing project intended to explore the conflict between extraordinary tales of people’s often frightening encounters with the supernatural and the often banal environments in which these tales are located. Each of the ...

Masking Your Self

Just Words

‘They’re only words / Whispers softly in the dark / Did we both believe / They could stand the light of day?’ – Miguel Bose, 1994: ‘They’re Only Words’  

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Reflexive Relation

The Presence of Absence/The Absence of Presence


Growing up in a fishing port – albeit a declining and largely dilapidated one – I’ve become interested in the ways in which the iconography of the sea has come to dominate the social landscape ...