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Recent Exhibited Work and Photographic Projects with Community Groups

2019-20. Photographer in residence with Oasis Community Hub, South Grimsby, covering their events (including socially distanced summer events during the Covid-19 pandemic) for funding bids, promotion, etc.

2020. Louth Museum. Website and Brochure. Link

2020. The Great British Spring Clean. Grimsby

2019. Park Ward Together – Passage to the Park.

2019. Several projects with Oasis Community Hub, South Grimsby.

2018-19. Photographer in Residence at Nunny’s Farm, Grimsby.

2019. Friends of the North Beach. (Heritage project.)

2018. Grimsby Amateur Boxing Club. (Work on permanent display in the club.)

2018. The Sewing Club.

2018. The Thrift Shop.

2017. Linden Bowls Club.

2020. Quarantine Zine, Vol 4. Film Community Fund

2020. Quarantine Zine, Vol 3. Film Community Fund

2020. Quarantine Zine, Vol 6. Film Community Fund

2019. Fujifilm PrintLife, Truman Brewery, London.

2018. Hull International Photography Festival, Kingston-Upon-Hull. (Work exhibited in both film and digital categories.)

2016. Staff Exhibition, University Centre, Grimsby

Free e-zine: 24/36

I’ve worked on assembling regular informal publications/‘zines’ of my writing and photography, and sometimes that of friends and associates, since my teenage years. (At the time, this included long hours spent over the photostat machine in the local library.) However, during my late 20s and into my 30s, the responsibilities of adulthood (job-type-jobs and family) made this difficult logistically. Over the past few years, I decided that I missed this aspect of my life, which I considered to be the most productive thanks to the fact that it was free from the corruptive need to make money, and wanted to return to the joys of assembling a regular publication in order to share my work and perhaps, hopefully, inspire others in producing theirs; and to make use of digital technology to do so. Hence, the concept for ‘24/36’.

As a photography-themed publication, ‘24/36’ takes its title from the number of exposures in a typical roll of 35mm film. As a photographer, I’m still in love with film and think that understanding film and the processes associated with it is essential to good photography. However, I also ‘shoot digital’ and this publication will contain a combination of photographs shot on both digital and analogue cameras – both 35mm and, occasionally, medium format.

Though the initial intention is to publish my own work in this format, if anyone wishes to collaborate, please feel free to email me at, and I’m sure we’ll be able to work together.

The digital version of ‘24/36’ will be free to download, as a PDF, from this page of my website. I fully expect that at some point, I’ll put together a print version of these publications – a compendium of sorts, compiling my favourite shots and spreads from the year. This will be self-published and available to buy via a link on my website. I hope you enjoy it!

Issue 3 (April 2020):

Click here to download issue 3 (PDF)

Issue 2 (November 2018):

Click here to download issue 2 (PDF)

Issue 1 (May 2018):

Click here to download issue 2 (PDF)


If you like my photography, please consider purchasing my books:-

Home From Home: Photographs from Humberston Fitties Chalet Park

Amazon UK, Book Depository. Near Cleethorpes, Humberston Fitties chalet park has a history that can be traced back a century. Currently, over 300 chalets exist on the Fitties. The people that have homes (or ‘homes from home’) on the Fitties take great pride in their dwellings, their personalities shining through in the manner in which they decorate their chalets; signage is often ironic and playful, the names of the buildings toying with stereotypes and the allure of the kitsch. Humour abounds. These photographs document this space.

#IndieFilmPhoto: Photographs from the Set of an Independent Short Film

Amazon UK, Book Depository. Proving there is more to filmmaking than Hollywood mega-budget productions, small independent film production companies demonstrate initiative and creativity in making short and feature length productions with minimal resources. The photographs in this book document the production of a short, independently-produced film, ‘Silent Hero’, made by Grimnir Pictures in Grimsby in the United Kingdom.

Fruits of the Sea

Amazon. In an age in which all aspects of life seem to be commercialised to a phenomenal degree, and in which we are increasingly subjected to financial pressures. we may be reminded of the self-sufficiency traditionally practised within working class communities. “Fruits of the Sea” is a photo essay, part of a bigger documentary photography project by the photographer, that explores this theme of self-sufficiency, reflecting on its relevance in an era in which the production, distribution and consumption of food – that most basic level of sustenance – is largely seen as operating within the realm of commercial enterprise.

The End of Leisure: The Closure of a Local Swimming Pool

Amazon UK, Book Depository. “The End of Leisure” is a documentary photography project inspired by the decision to close Great Grimsby Swimming Pool in North-East Lincolnshire, known affectionately by locals as “Scartho Baths”. The decision made by the local council was immensely unpopular, attracting criticism from both local councillors and the Members of Parliament for Grimsby and the adjoining town of Cleethorpes. These photographs are a visual document of “Scartho Baths” taken two days prior to the closure of the building.

Issue 1 of The Wandering Eye to Feed, a street photography zine


Select prints are for sale (please email for details).