Italian diabolical possession films: their English language alternate titles, directors, and years of release

Italian TitleEnglish Title/sDirector/sTheatrical Release Outside Italy? Y/NTheatrical Release in How Many Countries[1]Month of Domestic ReleaseNarrative Type[2]
 Chi sei?The Devil Within Her; Beyond the Door; Behind the Door; A Demon Beyond the Door (US – promotional only)
Ovidio G Assonitis/Roberto D’Ettore PiazzolliY8OctoberUC
L’anticristoThe Antichrist; The Tempter; Blasphemy (poster only)
Alberto De MartinoY11NovemberPY(F), UC
L’ossessaThe Eerie Midnight Horror Show; Enter the Devil; The Devil Obsession; The Sexorcist; The Tormented
Mario GariazzoY3NovemberPY(F), DA
L’esorciccioThe Exorcist: Italian Style
Ciccio IngrassiaY2?PY(F), PC(M), DA
La casa dell’esorcismoThe House of Exorcism/Devil in the House of Exorcism
Mario Bava; Alfredo Leone (reshoots)Y5April(Adult Possession, Female), DA
Il medaglione insanguinatoThe Cursed Medallion; The Night Child; Together Forever
Massimo DallamanoY3AprilPC(F), DA
Un urlo dalle tenebreThe Exorcist III: Cries and Shadows; The Possessor; Naked Exorcism; Cries and Shadows; The Return of the Exorcist
Angelo Pannacciò; Luca Damiano (uncredited)  Y4AugustPY(M), DA
L’osceno desiderio – Le pene nel ventre
Obscene DesireGiulio PetroniY2/3DecemberUC
MalabimbaPossession of a Teenager; The Malicious Whore
Andrea BianchiY3SeptemberPY(F)
Un’ombra nell’ombraRing of Darkness; Circle of Fear; Satan’s Wife
Pier CarpiY3OctoberPC(F)
Patrick vive ancoraPatrick Still LivesMario LandiN MayPY(M)
La bimba di SatanaSatan’s Baby Doll; A Girl for Satan
Mario BianchiN JulyPY(F)
Manhattan BabyEye of the Evil Dead; Possessed
Lucio FulciY8August
La visione del sabbaThe Witches’ Sabbath
Marco BellocchioY4FebruaryPY(F)
Il fantasma di SodomaSodoma’s Ghost; The Ghosts of Sodom
Lucio FulciN (TV Movie)
 Lucio FulciY4September
La casa 5Beyond Darkness; House 5 (video catalogue only)
Claudio FragassoY3July
Demonia Lucio FulciN October (Video Only)

[1] NB. This is within five years of the original Italian theatrical release, thus excluding revival screenings or festival screenings much later.

[2] PY = Possession of a Young Person (M=Male; F=Female); PC = Possession of a Child (M=Male; F=Female); UC = Unholy Conception; DA=Diabolical Art

Notable films made outside Italy:


El Juego del Diablo (Jorge Darnell,1975), released in English as Devil’s Exorcist

Exorcismo (Juan Bosch, 1975), released in English as Exorcism


Les possédées du diable (Jess Franco, 1974), released in English as Lorna the Exorcist; and Linda

West Germany

Magdalena, vom Teufel besessen (Walter Boos, 1974), released in English as Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil; The Devil’s Female; and Beyond the Darkness

Die Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne (Jess Franco, 1977), released in English as Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun


Seytan (Metin Erksan, 1974), released in English as Seytan the Exorcism Incident; and Turkish Exorcist