Article – Andy Milligan’s British horror films

For anyone interested, here’s another article by yours truly, this time for Horrified Magazine’s online outlets.

Titled ‘”A tuppence where yer ‘eart should be”: Andy Milligan’s British horror films’, this piece (approx 9000 words) takes a look at fiercely independent cult American filmmaker Andy MIlligan’s quintet of films made in the UK between 1968 and 1970.

This was quite an interesting topic to dig into; there’s little published about Milligan’s work generally, and very little about these five films he made in the UK, so this article is breaking new ground in that regard.

The films discussed and analysed include Nightbirds (1970), The Body Beneath (1970), Bloodthirsty Butchers (1970), The Body Beneath (1980), The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Here! (1970) and The Man with Two Heads (1970).

Though made for UK producer Leslie Elliot, these films were never distributed in the UK owing to a disagreement between Leslie, his father Curtis Elliot (who held the purse strings of the production company for which these were made) and Milligan.

New Article: ‘This house. It’s unhealthy’: Stephen Weeks’ Ghost Story (1974)

New Article. In time for Hallowe’en (mwa-ha-ha!), here’s an article I put together, for fledgling publication Horrified Magazine, about Stephen Weeks’ fiercely independent (and very British) 1974 horror film GHOST STORY, aka MADHOUSE MANSION.

It was a pleasure to write this as I first encountered the film via a late-night screening on the BBC in the 1980s, and it haunted me (pun intended) for many years before I had the opportunity to see it again. It’s now available on a jam-packed DVD and Blu-ray from Nucleus Films.