Haunted Places, Normal Spaces #1: Newton Grove, Grimsby

During the 1960s, this council house on the Nunsthorpe estate became infamous as the site of an aggressive haunting. Successive tenants would only stay in the house for a short period of time before requesting to be moved elsewhere. Reports suggest that the house was haunted by an elderly and disfigured man wearing some form of habit – perhaps a monk’s robe. There are numerous houses on the Nunsthorpe estate which have remarkably similarly-described apparitions associated with them. This perhaps has some relationship with the nearby Augustinian abbey and friary, or perhaps the nunnery – or maybe the workhouse and paupers’ cemetery upon which much of the Nunsthorpe estate was built.

Like others in the area, the house was not converted from gas to electricity until the 1960s – 1967, to be precise. My father was employed by the now defunct Yorkshire Electricity Board (YEB) at that time and worked in this house when the conversion was taking place. Tenants had previously reported that the apparition turned the gas taps on at night. Whilst working in the house, employees of the YEB would find that tools would disappear. They initially suspected that these tools were being stolen and the house was placed under close observation – until several of the YEB employees encountered the apparition. One of these was a friend of my father’s who was a firm disbeliever in the supernatural, yet fled from the house after working alone in it one afternoon and refused to return to it – not even to collect his tools and equipment, which he had left behind.


  • Troy Grady

    This is my nana and uncles house she’s had the property for about 40 years I have grown up around this house and had one experience in it, but my nana also had number 2 Newton which also had activity

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